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BFTB weekly poll question: What would you consider a successful season?

It's Saturday and that means it's time for the weekly poll question.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 4-12 season, the San Diego Chargers have a lot of room for improvement going into 2016. They had the 3rd overall pick in this year's draft and also made a few big free agent signings. As of now, they look like a better team than they did six months ago. Unfortunately, they play in what may end up being the toughest division in the NFL.

The AFC West features the defending Super Bowl champions and two teams that which experts think can finish in front of said champs. The relative difficulty of competing in the West should obviously hold down our expectations, but does it affect what you would consider a successful season?

Depending on which prognostications you want to put stock in, the Chargers are somewhere between a last-place team again and a second-place team that could compete for the second Wild Card slot.

For me, a successful season this year is any in which the Chargers get in the tournament. They're probably not a strong enough team to expect even that much, but any less will be a lost season (especially if they finish in the middle of the pack without even a high draft pick to show for their efforts).

Vote in the poll to let us know what you think constitutes a successful season. Then let us know in the comments why you voted that way.