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BFTB After Dark: June 1, 2016

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For me, it was this play:

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: #1, 1994 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - SDNativeinTX
After a stuffed run, an incomplete pass (nearly intercepted) and short pass that Seau & company crashed in on quickly, the Steelers were left on the 3, with a 4th and goal. On the 4th down play, Barry Foster released up the middle and turned around right inside the end zone. O’Donnell fired the ball past a diving Chris Mims, and as the ball arrived, Charger LB Dennis Gibson went over Foster’s left shoulder in a perfectly timed up play to knock the ball down.

What about you?