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A deal that could help the Chargers

The free agent market is pretty empty right now, so here is a deal that could benefit the Chargers.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As we are all well aware of by now, Melvin Gordon had microfracture surgery, and as John helped point out yesterday, he is still recovering from that surgery. So what happens if he isn't ready for Week 1? Or worst case, has to start on IR designated to return? Starting the season off with only Branden Oliver and Danny Woodhead as starting RB's probably isn't a great idea.

So who's available in Free Agency? Joique Bell, Arian Foster, and Joseph Randle are the only available RB's that ran for triple digits last season, and all of them are..well at this point, just "meh."

So that leaves a trade. And I have an idea.

Minutes after the Chargers shocked everyone by drafting Joey Bosa number 3 overall, the Cowboys had a shocker of their own when they drafted Bosa's teammate RB Ezekiel Elliott. This added Zeke to a backfield that already had Alfred Morris (who they signed this offseason on a 2 year $3.5 million deal), and Darren McFadden.

Then there's this tweet from this morning:

Hmmm so the Cowboys have 3 "starting" RB's on the roster? And a need at DL?

The Chargers could use some insurance at the RB position and just happen to have a former Cowboys DL on the roster, who I have said, and Richard said yesterday, will likely be cut anyway. Sean Lissemore.

This is a trade that could make sense for both teams. Both Lissemore and McFadden are in the final years of their deals. Both McFadden and Lissemore cost just about $2 million to their teams, so the money is basically a wash there. And both McFadden and Lissemore are probably already penciled in on their team's cut lists because of their positions in the depth chart and their price tags.

The trade I'm proposing, would have the Chargers sending Sean Lissemore to the Cowboys for Darren McFadden and a 7th round pick. The Cowboys arguably have the greater need and the Chargers would be sending them a starting quality player that has experience in Dallas already, so they include the extra pick along with McFadden.

The Chargers meanwhile would be getting someone who would be insurance in case Gordon isn't ready to go at the start of the season. If Gordon is ready to go, McFadden's contract allows him to be cut without eating cap space, and they've already off-loaded Lissemore who was probably going to be cut anyway.

Now I can already hear your groans but McFadden is not as bad as he gets credit for. No I'm not saying he should come to this roster and replace anyone, and I wouldn't even be considering this if Gordon was 100% because I think he needs one more season to show something. However, McFadden is good insurance and would allow the team to let Gordon take his time coming back. For all of you that are still adamantly defending him, I think we can agree that rushing him back before he is ready doesn't do anything to help his cause.

He has been active for all 16 games 2 seasons in a row now. He had over 1,000 yards last season in only 10 starts. He's averaged 38 receptions per season over the last 2 years. Basically the guy knows what he is doing and isn't bad at it. He has an affordable contract which can be dropped when Gordon comes back healthy.

So there it is. Does anyone else have any trade ideas that might benefit the team right now?