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Who is the most underrated player on the Chargers Offense?

BFTB writers name a Chargers player who they think is the the most underrated player on Offense?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we wen't over the most underrated players on defense. Today, we do the same for the offense. A unit that lacked creativity in playcalling and didn't have any playmakers emerge once Keenan Allen went down. From a DVOA standpoint, the offense was only above average(0%) twice over the final 8 games after Allen's injury and in those final 8 games finished at -77.1%. That's terrible.

Who on this unit could possibly be underrated?

Matthew Stanley-Keenan Allen

Just look at River's numbers before and after Allen got hurt last year. If he stays healthy he puts up the best numbers at WR for the whole AFC West this year.

Richard Wade-Orlando Franklin

Franklin is a quality offensive lineman that prior to last season had only ever missed one game due to injury. Chargers fans have a view of him that is inconsistent with his past record of durability and excellence.

Garrett Sisti-Joe Barksdale

The only man to start all 16 games last year, played multiple spots on the line when injuries ran rampant. Plus, let's not forget he helped kick Johnnie Troutman out of the starting lineup in Training Camp before he sustained a major injury. Now that's an unsung hero.

Ruben Gonzalez-Branden Oliver

Because whenever the Chargers workhorse goes down, as they inevitably do, Bo is there. He may not always save the day, but he's not a liability. He's also one tough SOB. I have a feeling the day he finally leaves, because the RBs always leave, he's going to find a home where he has a chance to be a starter. He hasn't gotten a fair shot here.

SDNativeinTX-Joe Barksdale

Proving the old football adage that "the best ability is availability." Barksdale played more often than any other O-lineman last year and did his job. The season may have looked a lot different had the other 4 lineman played as often and as well as he did.

KP-Danny Woodhead

While I'm here for the Barksdale lovefest and feel like he was comfortably the best lineman on the offense last year the answer for me is Woodhead and it's a no-brainer. His ability in pass protection is something you can't really quantify but he's so good in this area. He knows where to be, which is half the battle, and does a good job of meeting the blitzer and giving Philip Rivers juuuust enough time. Talk about a safety outlet, did you know that he had eighty catches last year? I wish it didn't take until the last few games to use him as a slot receiver. Woodhead had 4 receptions over 25 yards. For his role, and some of the dirty work he's asked to do, Woodhead is my vote here.

We ask you, who do you think is the most underrated Charger on offense?