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Grading the Denver Broncos 2016 NFL Draft

Rounding out the AFC West, we look back at the Broncos draft.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, let's take a look at the Super Bowl champs draft.

Round 1, Pick 26, Paxton Lynch, Memphis, QB

John Elway moved up 6 spots for a QB he believes in. For a 6'7 244 pound QB, Lynch is a very good athlete and can make plays with his feet if you've never seen him play. There are a couple of throws from him that I just can't get out of my head and they're all deep out routes that raise your eyebrows and make you go "wow." Lynch has his issues but going to a Gary Kubiak system is literally the perfect landing spot for him. He's the play-action, vertical, throw on the move type QB that thrives in Kubiak's offense. There will be rookie mistakes but it still feels like Denver got better(in the long haul, at least) with Lynch over Brock Osweiler.

Grade: B-

Round 2, Pick 63, Adam Gostis, Georgia Tech, DT

He tore his ACL on Haloween and wasn't on my radar.

He seems like more of a Derek Wolfe stop the run than Malik Jackson rush the passer. Some of the guys I trust said he is a better player than many give credit for. Playing in that defense his job is going to be as easy as anyone could ask. Adding a diet version of Derek Wolfe is solid at the end of the 2nd round.

Grade: B

Round 3, Pick 98, Justin Simmons, Boston College, FS

This one stung. Not only were the Chargers a couple picks away from the 1 safety that was still available that could help their defense day 1, but the Broncos got him. I thought Simmons was a top 25 talent in the draft, so getting him here is a bit ridiculous for the Super Bowl Champs. I imagine he'll look even better as a center-fielder with that pass rush. Simmons is a great athlete, a sound tackler, and makes plays.

Grade: A+

Round 4, Pick 136, Devontae Booker, Utah, RB

Interesting. I liked him more the year before and thought he had a chance to be one of the top running backs this year. That didn't work out. Still, Kubiak's system is perfect for Booker who resembles for of the slasher type of running back. I'm guessing he fell here because he doesn't really have that burst that an early round pick has but Booker is a solid back that has good enough vision and wiggle to get by.

Grade: C+

Round 5, Pick 144, Conner McGovern, Missouri, OL

I concentrated on his teammate Evan Boehm, but never McGovern so I do not have a take on him.

Overall Thoughts

If you look at the Broncos offensive line depth chart up the middle they are a mess. It's a bit of a surprise to see GM John Elway not bring in more competition or upgrades earlier in the draft. I think Elway did a good job of drafting guys that fit exactly what the team likes to do on both sides of the ball. I'm also curious as to why they didn't draft a replacement for Danny Trevathan. As most drafts go, this will be decided based off of how the QB turns out. How do you feel about the Broncos draft? Are they still the favorites to win the West?