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The Chargers have reached a 2 year agreement with OL Matt Slauson

San Diego reached a deal with the 30-year-old veteran who has experience at both guard and center. Will he start week 1?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

3 Days ago the former Chicago Bear visited San Diego. The next day he visited the Bills. This afternoon, the good guys reached an agreement with Slauson.

I imagine the conversation went something like "Matt, do you want to live where it's cold about half the year and where they have 1-2 good wing restaurants or live in beautiful San Diego where it's littered with amazing food, something to do every day of the week, and the weather is ridiculously perfect." Guess which one Slauson chose?

As for on the field, this is how ESPN's Adam Caplan projects Slauson.

That makes sense. I've only watched two games of Slauson. He played the entire game against the Chargers at center.

Three plays into the Raiders game he slid inside to center from left guard.

I imagine Slauson is much more comfortable inside and likes his chances to play more this year. If Max Tuerk isn't healthy, he is a solid stopgap for a year. Either way, it's a much-needed addition to the interior line in the event of injuries. Slauson played better at left guard last year than Orlando Franklin did by quite a bit. I shouldn't have to tell you how much of an upgrade he is at center. This is a good signing and the honeymoon phase with Tom Telesco, and us(me) is in full swing.

How do you feel about the signing?