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VIDEO: Chargers RB Melvin Gordon not confident in knee after surgery

Here's some pretty startling footage from Chargers OTAs today.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

About a month ago, we learned that San Diego Chargers starting RB Melvin Gordon has microfracture surgery on his knee in January. We were scared. Just four months later, it appears that Gordon is scared too!

Hoo boy.

Gordon runs out wide (this looks like a "Texas" route) and gets there smoothly. When he turns the corner, he's not exactly ready for the pass, but he manages to catch it before it bounces off his facemask.

That's when things get ugly. Gordon is running to his left, but attempts to slow down (and maybe even turn?) using only his right leg. This puts him completely off-balance and just looks ridiculous.

This doesn't really mean much of anything for the upcoming season, but if you're looking for an update on Gordon's progress with his knee (which had holes drilled into it in hopes of repairing cartilage, a procedure that usually returns the patient to about 80% knee strength when successful), you can pretty clearly put him in the category of "not 100%" or "very gun-shy".

When your bright side is "He'll have two months to figure that out", things are not great.