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Who is the most underrated player on the Chargers defense?

BFTB writers name a Chargers player who they think is the the most underrated player on Defense?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are good players on San Diego's defense. Which might seem hard to believe for a team that has been disastrous on that side of the ball the last few years. Today we ask, who is the most underrated player on the Chargers defense?

SDNativeinTX- Jerry Attaochu

Dude got 6 sacks last year in 12 starts and looks to be rounding into form as a defensive playmaker.

Garrett Sisti- Ryan Carrethers

The most effective nose tackle the last 2 seasons for the Chargers when on the field yet couldn't get playing time over Sean Lissemore. Not to mention he was the only big body that could consistently take on double teams and help the guys around get 1-on-1 match-ups. Unfortunately, Kendall Reyes and Ricardo Mathews couldn't take advantage of those situations and make a play.

Matthew Stanley- Ryan Carrethers

Carrethers is the most underrated/underused player on the defense. Until they signed Mebane, he was the best interior lineman on the roster.

Richard Wade- Jason Verrett

Verrett is simply one of the very best cornerbacks in the NFL. He may become the best at his position if he isn't already there. Chargers fans know that he's good, but the general opinion hasn't caught up to just how damn good he is yet.

Ruben Gonzalez- Corey Liuget

Is it possible for Liuget to be underrated? I think so. Without much help in the trenches, Liuget was the only person on the D-Line that opposing coaches should have schemed against. And they did. With more balance up front this year, I expect Liuget to put up numbers that represent his worth.

KP- Casey Hayward

Both Liuget and Attaochu are "Robins" or "sidekicks" which is fine. I think after this year they'll be appropriately rated. I do love the energy both of them play with and the addition of Joey Bosa will make life easier on the 2. I don't see either as a "10 sack ceiling" guy so it's hard for me to call them underrated.

I think in Carrethers case he's a "less is more" type player. He has some incredible flashes and definitely deserved to play more than he did. I would've increased his playing time but not stretched him to the point where he's no longer effective.

From a national standpoint, Verrett is probably underrated. There are not 5 corners I would take over him. He isn't potentially special. He's already there.

If he was still on the roster, and I know many wouldn't agree, it would've been the bearded safety. Alas, it's Hayward for me. Patrick Robinson was fine last year. He did exactly what was asked. In Hayward, the Chargers got younger and got the better football player. He may not be as athletic as Robinson, but he has much better route recognition and ball skills. For what his role will be, and what he'll be asked to do, Robinson is underrated. He won't have to guard the other teams top receivers.

You tell us, which player on the Chargers defense is underrated or deserves more playing time?