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Chargers' offseason training schedule going forward

There aren't many dates left on the offseason training calendar, but here they are.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers are now in "Phase III" of their offseason program. This phase consists of OTA's or "Organized Team Activities" and is now at the point where all 90 players on the roster are finally working together. So what does that schedule look like from here on out?

Well after the long weekend, the team gets back together tomorrow on May 31st for three days until Thursday the 2nd.

A few more days off then the team wraps up Phase III June 6-9th.

June 14th - 16th will be the first mandatory practice period for veterans the team is allowed.

Then the real dead period. A month of nothing while we all enjoy our summer.

The Chargers will then re-assemble back at Chargers Park at the end of July for training camp. Exact dates have not been released for Training camp, nor have the days that will be open to the public. However, we can reasonably expect those dates to be released sometime soon.

Preseason football then starts for the Chargers on August 13th. Finally, we will be back to football! That's right; we are just over 60 days away from Chargers football!