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What's the best Chargers purchase you ever made?

Share your favorite Chargers-related purchase with your fellow Chargers fans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago, we asked you the question, "what's the worst Chargers purchase you ever made?" That question was inspired by a USA Today list. Today's question is at the request of Boltricity. What is the best Chargers purchase you ever made? And, if it isn't a jersey, what is your favorite Chargers jersey you own?

best purchase

In the spirit of the original article, the jersey purchase I'm happiest with is my powder blue Philip Rivers jersey. In the more generic "Chargers purchase" category, my powder blue (really, when will they finally go back to this color?) Chargers jacket that I actually snagged on clearance several years ago.

Tell us in the comments. If the act of the purchase itself was memorable, share that, too. Of course, if you have a picture of the thing, please share that with us as well. Hopefully, this is an opportunity to share some positive memories.