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Chris Swain receives official permission to play ball

Navy FB Chris Swain has officially received his permission to play NFL football from the Secretary of Defense.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well now it's official, Navy FB Chris Swain can pursue his dream to play NFL football. When I talked to Chris a few weeks ago, he mentioned that he understood his first duty was to the Navy. Now he can focus on football.

This is good news for Swain. In my opinion, he has a very realistic shot at making this roster, but he has to be at practice to earn that spot. After the first day of OTA's Danny Woodhead was asked about Swain and said that he thought he was a great guy but only got to talk to him 1 day so far and that "when he can be here at practice I'm sure he'll get going quickly."

Hopefully now the Swain Train can leave the station!