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San Diego Chargers have traveled the fifth most miles in the NFL since 2014

The Chargers are one of the traveling-est teams in the league.

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Each team gets 8 home games, and 8 away games. As many of us know, even home games at the Q can sometimes have an "away game" feel with how many opposing fans are in the stadium. Well, the San Diego Chargers also have an additional disadvantage during away games. The Chargers may have the same 8 away games as other teams, but they travel much further than almost all the rest of the teams in the league.

We all know the Chargers usually have troubles when traveling to the east coast, and they usually have to make that trek a couple times per season. But even on "short" trips, the Chargers are traveling pretty far. Here are the actual numbers:

Brandon from Turf Show Times

Those are some pretty big differences. In 2015, the Chargers traveled more than the Redskins, Eagles, and Colts combined, with 2,000 miles to spare. What is interesting, however, is that the Raiders are far and away the most travelled team, even with Seattle being the most isolated.

Now in the league's defense, this is largely unavoidable. When you look at the map of the locations of all the teams, the teams out west are all very spread out and the teams in the east are all bunched up.

CBS Sports

If the league tried to even out the distance travelled, it would be a huge mess. The only way they could make it work would be to give west coast teams more home games than away games, and the opposite for east coast teams. So unfortunately for the Chargers, and the other west coast teams, it's just something they have to deal with.