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What's the worst Chargers purchase you ever made?

Share your regrettable purchase with your fellow Chargers fans.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today's "For The Win" compiled a list of the most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team, predictably selecting the No. 16 Ryan Leaf jersey for the San Diego Chargers. I honestly can't even conceive of a Chargers jersey that can hope to compete with that of Ryan Leaf. I suppose it's a subjective thing, but what's the argument?

The question then is, of course, what is the worst Chargers merchandise purchase you personally ever made? What jersey do you feel compelled to hide away in the back of your closet? What piece of Chargers memorabilia does it haunt you to have wasted your money buying?

Tell us in the comments. If you actually remember making the purchase, let us know what was going through your mind when you made it. And if you have a picture of the damnable thing, please, please share it with us. Hopefully, not too many of you bought Leaf jerseys.