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PODCAST: Should Chargers Fans Worry About Melvin Gordon’s Knee Surgery?

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins get you caught up on the last month of San Diego Chargers news, with a little analysis added in.

San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon runs against the Miami Dolphins Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Hello, everybody!

This week, Ben Higgins and I got together and recorded an episode of the Squadcast that was sort of a catch-up episode. We talked about Melvin Gordon's microfracture surgery, San Diego Chargers rookie mini camp, why Ben thinks the Chargers' front office is made up of idiots (it has to do with the price of concessions), and whether Zach Mettenberger can make an impact on this team.


I know that there are a lot of you that rely on me posting on BFTB about each episode of the Squadcast to remind you to listen, but I don't always have time to do that! To make sure you don't miss an episode in the future, go ahead and subscribe with one of these links:

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And, as a special treat, Ben and I have also been doing a Games of Thrones podcast, titled "You know nothing, John Gennaro." Once you get through the less-than-a-half-hour Squadcast episode above, I highly recommend checking out this less-than-a-half-hour episode of YKNJG.