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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Results: Tom Telesco's offseason earns an 'A' grade

We briefly look at last week's poll results.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday, we asked you to grade San Diego Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco's offseason so far. Just over 48% of the 2001 people who voted opted to give Telesco an A. Coming in a close second was the grade of B with just under 47% pulling the lever for that choice. Even given the high quality of the Chargers' offseason, I was surprised that fewer than 5% of the people voting in the poll thought they deserved a C or worse. In case you're wondering, I voted B.

Pre-free agency saw important re-signings like Joe Barksdale and Antonio Gates. Free agency itself saw the signings of the likes of Brandon Mebane (already becoming an outspoken leader on defense) and deep threat Travis Benjamin. The draft looks like an unqualified success with half the picks expected to be present or future starters. Post-draft free agency saw the addition of Matt Slauson. Telesco still has deadweight he can cut to create cap space, and he already has a healthy bit of space to work with before that.

Honestly, when you really look at it, maybe we should be surprised that only 95% of us voted A or B.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. And thank you to BangheadbigyettiBluff Call EnthusiastBoltricityBolts&Frogs_Fanboltup619BoltWheatbored@work, Buck MelanomaBy any Natrone NecessaryCake or DeathcameronmCcarl24Drobster#1Ferguson1015hakaloogie99HawaiianBoltHIboltfan,JaemesJohn LMKevin_in_FLlakersNchrgersLightning and ThunderMaldamusMike CredelleMike PalazzollaMikey FarrarNickNRickShepnochesucionph536Paul-ABpennyforyourthoughtspmoliereRory_BScienceofNatGamsdty94sjboltfanSpurtsTau837ThePowderBlues, and TracerBoltUp for participating in the discussion.