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San Diego Chargers Mailbag: We are bringing it back

It has been a long while since we have had a mailbag.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We have gone far, far too long without a regular mailbag feature. That ends now (or more realistically, it ends next week when we actually do a mailbag). Well, to have a mailbag, first we are going to need questions. You can ask them in the comments below. You can tweet them at @BFTB_Chargers or @RichardWade along with the hashtag #BFTBmailbag. You can email us at BFTBMailbag AT Gmail DOT com. You have options.

If people ask questions in the comments, do us all a favor and do not answer them here. Your comments will be removed. If you persist, you will be warned. If you persist again, you will be banned. Please do not get yourself banned over something that silly.

Other than that, we encourage you to ask any San Diego Chargers questions you may have; about the upcoming season, about the remaining offseason, about the offseason thus far, ridiculous hypotheticals, whatever you have.