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SITE NEWS: End of an era at Bolts from the Blue

John Gennaro is stepping down as the managing editor, and Richard Wade will be charged with taking his place.

Hello, all. This blog has been up and running since September 8, 2008, when Brian (DaBolts) wrote the very first post in the blog's history. At that time, Brian stated his goals for this blog and community: "I'm hoping that this becomes the place for fans to gather, discuss, argue, analyze and crack jokes about one of the great NFL franchises." Less than a year after that first post, Brian stepped down as the managing editor and John Gennaro took the reins.

In the seven years that John has been in charge, I like to think that he has reached the goals that Brian set for us. Bolts from the Blue has become the place for discussion and analysis of the San Diego Chargers. We will hopefully continue that tradition now. John has certainly left big shoes to fill, and we are thankful that he will still be around in the capacity of a contributing editor as his time allows.

I imagine most of you are familiar with me and my work, but for those that aren't I want to give a little background on my blogging history with SB Nation. I joined my first SB Nation blog, Beyond the Box Score, on May 5, 2005. I published my first post/article/whatever we called them then/story as an official contributor a month later. I helped start up Bluebird Banter that December. In March of 2007, I joined Bloody Elbow where I compiled and published the MMA Consensus Rankings that also ran in USA Today. Later I would become the copy editor there before my schedule no longer permitted it.

I've been here at Bolts from the Blue since a week after Brian's first post. I love this blog and this community and hope to do them both justice as the new managing editor.

Please use the comments to express your thanks to John for the incredible job he has done these last seven years and to wish him continued success.