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San Diego Chargers Mock Draft Part 4: Moar. Trades.

What can the San Diego Chargers accomplish by trading down in the 2016 NFL Draft? Let's find out in Kyle Posey's 4th Mock Draft!

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Again, didn't read last weeks Mock Draft comments but I imagine you loved every pick so I appreciate the support. The good news is I'm back with another trade. This time I'm manipulating the board to get what I want. Let's see how you like this one.

Round 1, Pick 6, Deforest Buckner, DT

I call him Deforestation Buckner for all the damage he causes to opposing offensive lines. Here's how I arrived at the 6th overall pick. The Giants sent me their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall from this year. They're picking 10th so there's no way I'm turning that down. The draft started out as Tunsil, Bosa, Stanley, Ramsey, Jack. There's no way in hell I'm letting Buckner fall any further so I send the Ravens my 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 7th overall pick. Confused yet? Essentially I get the player I wanted all along at 3 and come away with an extra 2nd round pick.

Round 2, Pick 35, Ryan Kelly, Center

Getting a guy that moves mountains against double teams and is far and away the best pass protector in the class here was a no brainer. The Chargers struggled mightily up the middle in the run game and affording Philip Rivers a pocket to step up into last year. Kelly is a massive upgrade and a steal at this point.

Round 2, Pick 40, Jonathan Bullard, DT

Yes, I just picked the same position in the 1st round. No, you can never have enough guys to push the pocket. Bullard lives in opponents backfields. I know have 2 of the top run stopping interior lineman in the draft that both come with passing upside. Yes please.

Round 3, Pick 66, Su'a Cravens, Safety

His pro day wasn't great as the 6'1 226 pound hybrid safety/linebacker ran a 4.69, jumped 30.5 inches in the vertical and ran a 4.41 short shuttle. Those numbers are below average. There were also whispers of Cravens giving some poor interviews at the combine. You know what I think of that? Don't caaaaaaareeeee. Cravens fits the theme of this mock because he's another dog I'm adding to the defense and is an animal against the run. Players his size have no business taking on offensive lineman and winning. Su'a makes plays.

Round 4, Pick 108, Jaylon Smith, ILB

I swapped 4th rounders with Tampa Bay and received their 6th rounder. Smith may never play football again. This is a complete shot in the dark. He suffered an injury in the bowl game and the odds he plays in 2016 are slim. We are in the 4th round however and let's not pretend like Tom Telesco would trade this pick away anyways so I figured why go for a longshot on a player that might've been the best linebacker in the class if healthy.

Round 5, Pick 175, Isaac Seumalo, C/G

Just getting more depth up front but Seumalo could very well develop into a starter. He fits the bill of this mock as well as he brings a level of nastiness. He pancaked our 1st round pick into oblivion if you were wondering exactly who this is. He's an intriguing player that will likely go much higher than this.

Round 6, Pick 179, Mike Thomas, WR

Not the Ohio State version, the Southern Mississippi. There are smart people that reallllyyy like Thomas. If Thomas does indeed fall this far there would be no reason to pass up on him. He's a Charger type receiver. Good route runner that good good separation underneath and can make the spectacular catch look easy. Thomas has quite the repertoire of fancy catches on his belt.

Round 6, Pick 197, Trevone Boykin, QB

The TCU QB is far from a need but we are in the 6th round and I would argue he has the strongest arm in the draft and is further along than some of the higher touted prospects. He's my favorite QB in the draft and could learn from Rivers and possibly blossom into a better version of Tyrod Taylor down the line.

Round 6, Pick 198, Dan Vitale, FB

Helping last years 1st round pick out by giving him a lead blocker that is actually competent. A lot of times blocking is really just knowing your assignment and fighting through the whistle. Vitale brings that to the table but also has some receiving ability.

So I added a pair of run stopping defensive tackles that can also get after the passer. A mauling center who just doesn't get beat as a pass protector. A hybrid safety that will clean up against the run. An injured but talented linebacker. A swing center/guard that is nasty. A polished receiver that would make the team today and possibly develop in a nice number 2 threat. An upside QB and a capable fullback. Fire away!