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San Diego Chargers sign Veteran TE Jeff Cumberland

The San Diego Chargers have finally added some depth to the TE group with six year veteran Jeff Cumberland.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was inevitable.

San Diego had to add some depth to the Tight End group with the only real experienced players being Antonio Gates and Sean McGrath. That depth came today in the form of Jeff Cumberland, a six year veteran free agent from the New York Jets.

Cumberland, 6'4" 260 pounds,  started out his NFL career as an UDFA from Illinois in 2010 with the New York Jets. He would go on to play in 65 games, starting 44 of them. In 2011 he missed most of the season after playing in just three games, suffering a torn Achilles tendon on September 25, 2011. His 2012-2014 seasons were his most productive, averaging 26 receptions for 335 yards.  In 2015, he saw his starts drop from 14 the previous year to 6 and was eventually cut on March 9th of this year.

Cumberland, mainly known for his blocking instead of receiving skills, looks to likely have a similar impact for the Chargers in 2016. With the loss of John Phillips and David Johnson, this signing makes sense and is something the TE group desperately needed.