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NFL Draft Results: Chargers select Arkansas Hunter Henry TE

The Chargers draft a pass catcher at the top of the 2nd

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers drafted their successor to Antonio Gates in the 2nd round in Henry. Henry is widely viewed as the top tight end in the draft. It's interesting that the team chose to go in this direction, though Henry is a good player. I imagine that fans would have wanted to wait at least another round on the position. The team still needs a center and a safety. Henry will be very good very soon, though.

If the Chargers are intent on helping their QB and running game then Henry makes sense. He's the best run blocking tight end they've had in ever. As a receiver, Arkansas used Henry on multiple routes and he was able to get open on all of them. I don't think he dropped a pass, either. I wish he was a step or so more explosive and better at the top of his routes but that's getting nit-picky. While I would've gone in a different direction personally, Henry is a good player. Period. We will get into more depth on Henry, for now what do you guys think of the pick?