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NFL Draft Grades: BFTB Staff Grades the Bosa Pick

The San Diego Chargers selected DE Joey Bosa with the 3rd overall pick, how does the staff grade it?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

After months of leaked rumors and guarantees on who the Chargers would pick with the 3rd overall pick, almost everyone was wrong and the Chargers selected DE Joey Bosa. Here's how the BFTB grades the pick:

Garrett Sisti - Grade: A

Bosa is only 20 years old and his combination of power, technique and awareness will help him succeed in the NFL. I was thinking of giving this pick an A- based on fit alone but Telesco says he sees Bosa as a DE playing anywhere from a 3 to 5-tech, add onto to the fact that Bosa is up to 275 today. Meaning, he can easy add on more weight because his frame isn't close to maxed out and played at 285 at Ohio St as well. Since Bosa doesn't win on speed, the added muscle shouldn't hurt his game, in fact is should help improve where he succeeds and that's with wicked power in his punch. They finally invested in the trenches, that alone is worth a high letter grade but now who else is ready to do the "Bosa Shrug" on Sundays?

Daniel Stebbins - Grade: B+

The Chargers kept everyone guessing right up to the moment the pick was selected, with four different players being reported as likely the pick at one point or another. The selection of Bosa was a bit of a surprise to me, but not in a bad way. Buckner and Ramsey were my two favorite prospects at #3 but if it wasn't one of those two, Bosa was my third choice. How they use him will go a long way in deciding how this pick is reflected on ten years from now, but with Telesco saying he will play 5-tech in base and DE in sub packages I feel strongly that it will be a great pick. The only thing that doesn't make this an A is that it wasn't Buckner or Ramsey, but with players of this caliber it's more or less splitting hairs. Also, it wasn't Stanley, so that's a great thing.

Jamie Hoyle - Grade: A+

The Chargers avoided the urge to replace Eric Weddle with a luxury item, choosing instead to finally commit to beefing up the Defensive Line. In Bosa they get a technically sound, highly productive, maximum effort weapon for their front seven capable of impacting the game as a run stuffer and a pass rusher. Think 8-10 sacks per season and a disruptive force against the run. He adds a dimension this defense hasn't had for years and will make everyone better. I'd expect to see Bosa line up all over the Defensive Line including 5-technique, 3-technique and 6-technique depending on the front.

Matthew Stanley - Grade: B+

The Chargers had the worst rush defense in the league last year, Bosa immediately improves that. The Chargers do run a 3-4 base, which would make Bosa a bit of a tweener at 269, however they are only in their base about 35% of the time and Bosa has the tools and skills to play inside even at a lighter weight. He is crazy strong, uses his hands very well, and generally just causes mayhem for opposing offenses. My biggest complaint against him is his motorwhen the play goes away from him, but that may have just been me looking for things to pick on. He was a top 6 player in this draft on my board, he will start immediately, and adding him to the roster makes the Chargers a better team than they were 24 hours ago.

Jerome Watson - Grade: A

Ruben Jay - Grade: A

When the chargers made this pick I was initially stunned but then i had to remember that during the college season (and while the Chargers were losing) Bosa was dominating and was the talk of the season. I also had to remember that there was about 1/4th of me willing to accept the Tank for the Draft scenario. The only reason I was all for tanking was to add Bosa to the Chargers. During the draft process I forgot about the 2015 college football season. Remembering, makes me give this pick an A.

Patrick Green - Grade: B+

I'm a little down on the grade because I thought there was better value on the board in Ramsey and Buckner, but that in no way makes Boss a bad pick. He's good. He'll immediately provide a boost to the pass rush and run defense, two areas where the Chargers need the help. Good on Tom Telesco and John Spanos for not managing to screw up a top three pick.

Daniel Szalma - Grade A+

Because it wasn't Ronnie Stanley.

Kyle Posey - Grade: B+

Chargers got a B+ player in a C- draft. If he can hold up inside on a down to down basis like I think then this is a home run.

Richard Wade - Grade: B+

I'm really happy the pick wasn't Stanley. Bosa is a very good player. I'm hopeful Pagano can use him properly. My only real complaint is that Bosa isn't Buckner. Good, good pick.

John Gennaro - Grade: B