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The Chargers drafted Joey Bosa, now what?

Who are some of the best players available and where the Chargers could go.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have any idea what direction this team is going to go? I sure as hell do not. If Bosa was the biggest need at the biggest position what we'll find out today is how the team feels about their safeties, offensive line, and pass catchers. They could also grab a linebacker. Heck, they could double down on defensive line if they really want to go best player available. Sooooo many directions. Let's revisit the big board. Here is the offense.


Where there any surprises? Other than Ifedi and Garnett, who were going in the early 2nd round, not really. As far as the colors go:

Dark Blue=Elite Talent

Light Blue=Highly productive starter

Turquoise=Productive starter.

Moving down a tier to the 2nd rounders:

Green=Dependable starters

Forest green="Good enough" to start

The final tier:

Yellow=Spot/Developmental starter.

Players with no color on their names are considered depth players on the roster.

Based on my board there are still 3 1st round talents available on offense. 4 high end 2nd rounders and 9 mid to late 2nd round talents. If San Diego wants to address interior line or receiver with this pick they are staring at some very, very good options in the face. It was adorable you guys thought Kelly would fall.

As for defense.


There's no way they pass Jack up after working him out and sending the whole Chargers brass there, right? Jack and Chris Jones are the lone 1st rounders available on defense. Bullard, Cravens, Ragland, Simmons, Thompson all fit and are top 27 players in the draft. I'm a little surprised Ragland is here. I knew Joseph had no shot of getting out of the 1st. That dude is a baller.

What if they go offense in the 2nd and come back and double down on defensive line in the 3rd or safety? If Simmons isn't there Byard is a great compliment to the current roster as both of those types can play that single high centerfield safety role. Not sure how far he will fall but Cravens has the accolades and can play that new aged "Dime LB."

I have no idea what's going to happen but this is my favorite day of the draft and this is where it was going to get interesting the whole time. How are they going to compliment their 1st round pick and how do they view their roster compared to how we do? We will find that out today. Give me how your draft would go today.

I'll give you 3 scenarios. Going purely off of my best player available and need I'm drafting Whitehair in the 2nd and Justin Simmons in the 3rd.

If I had to guess what direction Tom Telesco will go it would be Michael Thomas in the 2nd and Cravens in the 3rd.

What my alternate draft would look like is drafting Jack in the 2nd, I don't care if he only gives me 4 years I might not be around long enough to see it anyways, and coming back to Kyle Friend in the 3rd.