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BFTB 2016 NFL Draft Preview Video

Some writers from the site got together and discussed the draft.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In an impromptu session the same group of guys who will be broadcasting on the live draft show decided we needed to run a test to make sure we had everything working. Again the miscast of characters who will be on the live draft show and featured in this video are (from left to right according to the boxes):

Matthew Stanley

Kyle Posey

John Gennaro

Jerome Watson

Garrett Sisti

Daniel Stebbins

We recorded a "Draft Preview" live on video and of course there are some bumps along the way. John Gennaro accidentally set the video to record on his screen alone (which is good or bad depending on how you view it). There was some buzzing in the audio and I (Garrett) couldn't get a good connection but we promise it should all be good to go on Thursday - Draft Day. So here's the BFTB 2016 NFL Draft Preview, enjoy: