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Looking at the 5 realistic options at #3 for the Chargers

An argument for and against the options at the third overall pick.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There are 5 realistic options at 3. Jalen Ramsey. Deforest Buckner. Myles Jack. Joey Bosa. Laremy Tunsil. I'll give you 1 reason why the Chargers should draft said player and 1 reason why they should pass. Then, you rank the players you prefer and tell us why.

Jalen Ramsey: Why you take him

In my opinion, the best player in the draft. Why you don't pass up Ramsey is because you're not going to find another player in the draft that can do what Ramsey can do. That's both short term and long term. Pagano lovvvvvesss to blitz DBs off the edge and Ramsey is going to actually get home and sack the QB and be disruptive off of the edge. What we don't talk about is Ramsey's impact in the run game and how he can chase down running backs from the weak side of the formation and eliminate any long runs. He can also kick outside on the perimeter and guard your number 2 receiver. He can do it all. Year 1 he gives you flexibility where he can be an all-around Safety then if you don't think Brandon Flowers has performed up to expectations he's your number 2 corner year 2. The flexibility and playmaking ability Ramsey brings is mouth watering for any defensive coordinator. When they draft him Thursday night I cannot wait to post all of his game changing plays and shut the "he didn't have any interceptions" crowd up.

Why you pass

You pass on Ramsey if you're comfortable with Jahleel Addae and Dwight Lowery playing all the snaps at Safety. You pass on Ramsey if there is a front 4 player on the defense that is just too good to pass up. The saying goes "you build a team from the inside out." You don't do that by selecting Ramsey.

Deforest Buckner: Why you take him

Buckner not only addresses the most pressing need on the team at Defensive End but he makes each of the other members of the front 4 better. He could really change the dynamic of the defense. Corey Liuget no longer has to worry about double teams. Quarterbacks no longer have a pocket to step up in with him rushing up the middle. Something we don't talk about is Buckner's ability to make plays from the weak side of the formation. He will track ball carriers down. That's just not something that's existed on this team. There's really no way for the team to misuse Buckner based on the scheme that they run and considering he'd be the first "length and strength" Defensive End they've had since I can remember, so much about Buckner makes sense at 3.

Why you pass

While Buckner does have a signature pass rush move in an arm over, he doesn't have a counter and when he doesn't win initially, it shows. He's steadily improving as a pass rusher but do you want to take a player at 3 overall who still has work to do in order to become an impact pass rusher? Not to mention most "power rushers" take longer to adjust to the NFL due to the fact that everyone is now as strong as them. This is no fault of Buckner's but he is in one of the deepest defensive line classes in recent memory. The Chargers can get a good starter at the top of the 2nd and even a quality starter at the top of the 3rd round.

Myles Jack: Why you take him

Jack is the ultimate wildcard and is still a possibility at 3. The Chargers don't have a coverage linebacker on the roster in the same stratosphere as Jack. Per DVOA, San Diego was a bottom 5 team when it came to covering both Tight Ends and Running Backs last year. Jack allows them to stay in their base defense and gives them flexibility on 3rd downs. Jack is so explosive and gives the team a good blitzing Linebacker that can come off of the edge as well, just given his 1st step. Not to mention his ability when it comes to tackling in the open field, another area that has hurt San Diego's defense.

Why you pass

While Jack has all the tools to be a star at the next level he's yet to put it together. His instincts aren't quite there and he relies on his athleticism too much. Jack doesn't trust what he sees. In Nickel defense, if Jack remains in the box he would have to win at the point of attack and that's just not an area of strength right now. Ideally, you want to have him covered up by a Lineman in front of him. Is that a player you take at 3? These are just on-field concerns. Everyone will tell you that Jack's meniscus injury isn't serious but I'm a little leery of drafting a player coming off that injury. I'm not a doctor but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. It was reported that Jack is dealing with Chondral defect in his knee. How I read that was "if it happens again, it might not be easily repairable again." The thought of having to worry about that makes me nervous.

Joey Bosa: Why you take him

Bosa seems to be the forgotten name when discussing top prospects. I've seen analysts say "Bosa isn't strong enough" and I usually spit out my gatorade (my coffee) laughing. Bosa is one of the strongest players in the draft. Watch the Offensive Lineman's head when Bosa's hands make contact. It's a whiplash effect. Bosa is constantly playing in the backfield whether it's against the run or the pass. Bosa immediately helps the Chargers porous pass and run defense. I'm in the minority but I think he'll be fine at defensive end because he always makes 1st contact and he is great when it comes to stacking and shedding lineman. His hand placement/usage is so good that it trumps him being underweight. Imagine a front 4 on passing downs of Ingram-Liuget-Bosa-Attaochu. Someone is winning. Bosa inside on passing downs is going to be a terror. Also, he's 20 years old! Forget his 40 time and look at his agility numbers. He's going to be good in the NFL.

Why you pass

While I do think Bosa can hold up inside he does have a tendency to lose gap integrity on run downs. That was playing on the edge so you'd have to think it gets worse inside, right? There were times where he ended up a gap, sometimes two gaps, over. I question his gap discipline and I don't think he's as rangy like a Buckner or Ramsey. Bosa doesn't chase down plays from the backside. There were a couple games where he just disappeared as a pass rusher and the concern is real. Do you take a player at 3 that takes awhile to get going as a pass rusher? What if I'm wrong. What if he doesn't fit inside and is a sub package player? That's not worth the third overall pick.

Laremy Tunsil: Why you take him

Size. Length. Ability to mirror speed rushers is unmatched. This dude will get beat, but because his feet are so good, he can recover. Handles bull rushers just fine and does a good job of working in space. On down blocks he'll maul you. We know one of the Tackles is going to get injured for San Diego. Right now Tunsil is better than King Dunlap. 3 years from now it won't be close. If you're drafting for his rookie contract and you believe Tunsil improves your run game and can keep your franchise QB upright, you can't pass on Tunsil.

Why you pass

Money matters. If you take Tunsil he's not sitting the bench. Having over $5.5 million dollars riding the bench just doesn't make sense financially. Tom Telesco has forced his hand here and with the money tied up in his bookend tackles, not to mention bringing Hairston back, a Tackle just doesn't make sense. That's not even getting to on the field. Tunsil will be good. Tunsil isn't a star just yet. Rookie Offensive Tackles go through growing pains and against the best pass rusher he faced, Tunsil struggled. That's going to be a week in and week out pass rusher he'll face in the NFL. Tunsil does not generate great movement 1-on-1 as a run blocker and his play strength and technique is adequate, not great. I would place a good bet that the Offense next year would still surrender the same amount of sacks and would be just as bad against the run. A Tackle, in year 1, is not helping the Offense.