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San Diego Chargers release current renderings of possible downtown stadium

The San Diego Chargers have put out some renderings of their vision for the proposed downtown stadium ahead of the citizens initiative kickoff on Saturday.

With the Chargers, and multiple team and league celebrity guests, hosting the kick-off event for their initiative for a downtown stadium on Saturday, they have released renderings for their vision for the new stadium to get people excited.

It is certainly a beautiful vision. However it is important to note that this is still not a final rendering. The team notes in their release that:

"This is a conceptual design intended to convey the Chargers' vision for what the stadium and convention center expansion could look like. The final design will be the result of a design process conducted with the Joint Powers Authority, the City or other governmental entity designated by the City to coordinate the construction of the stadium and convention center expansion, if the Initiative is approved by the voters."

The renderings made sure to highlight what the stadium portion of the "convadium" would look like in "convention" mode with a rendering showing a boat show happening on the field, and it does look pretty impressive. This looks to be made possible by a retractable roof that would allow indoor activities on the field.

One thing I noticed was the lack of any large video board(s). That is certainly a pain point with the Q having one of the smallest "jumbo"tron's in the league, so that is certainly something that is going to need to be figured out in the final plans.

While there isn't a lot of parking visible, barely any at all if we're being honest, there is a lot of outdoor green space that looks like it would be perfect for pre-game picnics or, depending on the rules for the space, tailgate type activities.

While this is STILL not the final, real, I can't wait to see this thing in real life rendering, it is in all likelyhood very close to what the finished product will look like. And it sure is beautiful.