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2016 NFL Draft Preview: All-Overrated Team, Offense

These 2016 NFL Draft prospects are not quite as good as you think they are.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Don't worry, there won't be any Kanye comparisons today. We will talk about the most overrated players in the draft, though. You won't like some of the names listed here or the comparisons, but you'll get the gist of where I'm coming from. We'll do defense later. Let's stick with offense for now. 1 player at each position.

Quarterback- Carson Wentz, NDSU

This is incredible. In a QB driven league the thirst for franchise QBs are at an all-time high. Without boring you with cliches people throw out about the position just know that taking a QB in the top 10 who comes from a run dominant offense where they ask the QB to make 1 read throws and said QB can't execute that offense at a high level, I'd have questions. Then factor in he stares down targets and makes up his mind where he wants to go before the snap and that initial read isn't open, look out. Based on where he'll be drafted, his rookie year just spells disaster.

Comparison: Actor, Kevin Hart

He's not funny. He might make you chuckle every now and then, but he's nowhere as hilarious as people make him out to be. Like Wentz, he's being shoved down our throat in recent years. It's unbearable. These past few months the same can be said for Wentz. He'll have a good throw here and there but he's not on the same level as a QB that deserves to go here, but here we are.

I really don't think I've seen any running back being truly overrated so we'll pass here on the position.

Wide receiver- Corey Coleman, Baylor

In a vacuum, he's a 2nd round receiver. A good contributor that you just want to get the ball in his hands. This year, I've seen some have Coleman listed in their top 5. In a weak class I have him at 29, which isn't to say he's bad, but that's not a good sign. This is less about analysts disagreeing with me(I could careless we'll never be on the same page that's never the point) and more about them missing the clear red flags in Coleman's game due to the flashes. There are exposures where he struggled to get vertical on Big-12 CBs. I don't think he's the true vertical threat he's made out to be.

Coleman is very good with the ball in his hands. The issue is up until that point. I haven't even mentioned the 17 drops he's been credited for in the last 2 years.

Comparison: The Walking Dead

It takes sooooo long to get going and you realize you've watched an hour TV show and only seen about 5-10 minutes worth of action. There are plenty of issues with the show but the next day at work you'll only talk about the part where Rick and Carl got into a shootout. That's Coleman. When he's going it's good, but the other 45-50 minutes of his game there are problems.

Much like the RB class, I don't think there are really any players that are being over valued at tight end.

Offensive Tackle- Jack Conklin

This guy is going top 15. In fact, the Titans are rumored to want to trade back into the top 10 to select Conklin. Woof. You do not want your tackle to be as over aggressive as Conklin is. What I mean is in pass protection he has a tendency to lunge at defenders. Here's a good example against some bum defensive lineman from Oregon

Then there are examples of Conklin getting into his pass set and as he's going to make contact, his feet just stop. It's like they're stuck in quick sand.

It doesn't stop there, either. His feet are a mess in pass protection. They cross over like he's warming up and doing "Karaoke" drill in football. You never want to see that in your offensive lineman. His base is too inconsistent and it causes him to get beat because of this.

These are all consistent with Conklin. While Conklin plays with the nastiness and has the power you like to see in a lineman, as well as excelling on combination blocks, his issues in pass protection would scare me and there is no way I'm taking that type of player as early as he's being projected.

Comparison: Pancheros/Chipotle

On the surface and going based of what you hear, you'd expect both to be very good. You think you're getting sure fire mexican but you end up overpaying for flavorless meat that doesn't get the job done. That's what you're doing with Conklin. Overpaying for a premium position(tackle=mexican food.) At 2 am and early in the game, both are fine. But if that's you're main meal for the day, or it's 3rd and 5 in your 4 minute offense and you're expecting Conklin to get a stop, you goofed.

If I had to make a team

QB: Wentz

RB: Jordan Howard, Indiana

WR: Coleman

WR: Will Fuller, Notre Dame

WR: Tyler Body, Pittsburgh

TE: Nick Vannett, Ohio State

OT: Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame

OT: Conklin

OG: Vadal Alexander, LSU

OG: Spencer Drango, Baylor

OC: Jack Allen, Michigan State

Fire away!