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Could the San Diego Chargers still trade down?

The 1st and 2nd picks of the 2016 NFL Draft have now been traded, could the San Diego Chargers make it 3?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns have traded the 1st and 2nd overall picks to the LA Rams and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively, in the 2016 NFL draft. The easy assumption there is that both teams that moved up are going to take Quarterbacks, likely Jared Goff to LA and Carson Wentz to the Eagles.

This means that Tom Telesco and the San Diego Chargers are now basically on the clock at #3 overall with their choice of player. The Chargers don't need a QB and will have the pick of any non-QB players in the draft, so the top player on their draft board will be available. That should make this pretty straight forward....right?

Or will the Chargers join the Titans and Browns and trade back to grab more picks and fill more of the holes they left open after free agency? It has been done before.

Is there still a market for the 3rd pick though? Here are some possibilities for a trade up to 3.

Teams that still want a QB

One of the teams that are looking for a QB could still have fallen in love with Paxton Lynch and with Goff and Wentz now basically off the board, they could now get trigger happy and want to ensure they get their guy. San Francisco at 7 overall could be that team, the New York Jets at 20 could still be in the hunt since Bryan Hoyer left New York for a visit to Denver this morning. If I was a fan of a team that traded up to 3 for Lynch I'd be pretty pissed, but as a fan of the Chargers if another team did this, I'll be dancing and drinking.

Must jump Dallas to grab Ramsey

Word on the street is that the number 1 player on Dallas' draft board is FSU S/CB Jalen Ramsey. The Cowboys pick at number 4 so if a team has fallen in love they are going to have to get to 3 to have any chance at grabbing him.

Telesco made trading up for a RB cool again

Ok, he really didn't, but if he did, a team MAY be convinced to trade up for the clear RB1 in this class, Zeke Elliott. Zeke is a game changer, an above average pass protector, and an underrated pass catcher. Some people believe he will be able to have an impact similar to Todd Gurley from last season, which could make him worth the price to move up. Personally I don't think he is, but stranger things have happened.

The Eagles surprise everyone

This would cause the phones in the Chargers war room to explode. Tom Telesco would be the Godfather and teams would have about 13ish minutes to make him an offer he can't refuse. It would be a very happy day.

This is really a win win situation for TT and the Chargers. The team will get the pick of the litter at 3, or have a team throw picks at them to trade down and still be able to grab a quality starter with the 1st pick, and possibly an additional starter at a position of need with an extra pick on day 2.

Oh and Tom, if you happen to read this, please...PLEASE...whatever you do, DO NOT draft Ronnie Stanley at #3.