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An early look at the San Diego Chargers "Color Rush" uniforms

A Twitter leak has given fans an early idea of what color each team will be wearing for the "Color Rush" game this season.

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers
Like this, but with blue pants instead of white.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the NFL did it's "Color Rush" thing last season, where two teams would take each other on during Thursday Night Football wearing jerseys and pants that were the same color? Of course you do....

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Rams Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We missed out on the San Diego Chargers being a part of the Color Rush thing last season, but they're likely going to be a part of it this season in their Thursday Night Football matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Twitter is sometimes great for leaks, and in the past 24 hours we've gotten a good idea of what the Chargers and Broncos will look like for their game.

It looks like the Chargers will be in powder-blue jerseys with powder blue pants. It's a brilliant call from the NFL, and will look great contrasted with the orange from the Denver Broncos.

The issue is that it will bring up the conversation, once again, of why the best uniforms in the history of professional sports are not used.....but, whatever. At least the team will look good.

Here's an idea of what it might look like: