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PODCAST: Way Too Early 2016 San Diego Chargers Predictions

John Gennaro takes to the virtual airwaves to go through the San Diego Chargers 2016 regular season schedule and predict the team's record.

Ken Whisenhunt with San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

A very early apology for the sound quality on this one. I pride myself on having one of the most professional sounding podcasts on the internet, but today I just couldn't fit in an early morning trip to The Mighty 1090 studios.

So, you'll get a very pop-y recording of me from my living room. If that will bother you, I'm warning you now and telling you to not bother listening to the podcast below.

Oh, and I picked the San Diego Chargers to go 9-7. There, now you haven't missed out on anything.

If you can get past the sound quality, today's Generally Speaking podcast is likely of interest to you.

I spent the first 16:30 talking about the San Diego Gulls, the San Diego Padres, and explaining what it's like to work for the Padres flagship radio station. At about the 16:30 mark until roughly the end of this 27ish-minute podcast, I go through the Chargers recently-released 2016 regular season schedule and pick a winner for each game.


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