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Why Laremy Tunsil can’t be the Chargers pick at #3

The Chargers have needs but a Tackle isn't one of them (right now).

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A big development happened this morning in regards to the draft order, a new team has the top overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft:

The LA Rams have given up a king's ransom to ensure they get their guy with the first selection. It's pretty safe to assume it will be a quarterback and as an educated guess it's probably the Quarterback who spent three years in the Rams current hometown (kinda): Jared Goff. Either way, there is a very good chance there are two Quarterbacks selected in front of the Chargers when they are on the clock. That means the Chargers could have their choice of whatever player they want and Offensive Tackle Laremy Tunsil should not be it.

BPA vs. Need

Let me first off say by saying Laremy Tunsil is my personal top overall player in this draft. So this isn't a biased opinion to trash Tunsil, quite the opposite, it's not the Chargers biggest need. I can hear all the Best-Player-Available-Truthers yelling at their screens. First off, stop it you look like a crazy person and second you have to always balance BPA versus Need. If the Chargers went straight BPA, they'd have five Safeties and three Defensive Lineman once the Draft concluded. Tackle is not the Chargers biggest need.

Tackle Situation

Chargers re-signed OT Joe Barksdale, Swing Tackle Chris Hairston and restructured King Dunlap's contract this offseason. Dunlap has had an injury history but remember his new deal is an incentive-riddled contract making him earn his $4.5 million this year with playing time. If he is healthy, he deserves every penny of that deal. I understand Dunlap may not be the long term answer at Tackle but this team is in win-now mode and can't afford to sit their 3rd overall pick, they have to contribute right away. Right now the Chargers have both Tackle spots filled with Dunlap and Barksdale and also have depth with Swing Tackle Chris Hairston. Here's the kicker, on the roster today before the draft even begins, the Chargers have Orlando Franklin, DJ Fluker , Kenny Wiggins and Tyreek Burwell who have all played Tackle in their career. That's SEVEN players who could fill in that position, again Tackle is not a need.

Roster Hell

Like I said earlier, the Chargers can not afford to sit their 3rd overall pick. It is possible Tunsil could start over Dunlap but King is also guaranteed $3.3 million this year. The Chargers aren't going to let that waste away on the bench and Dunlap has zero trade value in this stage in his career. So if Tunsil is drafted he is most likely sitting most of 2016 barring any injuries. That means the Chargers are carrying an extra Offensive Tackle on their roster and they will have to trim elsewhere when the 53 man cuts come. Another position group is going to suffer because it's going to be carrying one less man and let's all not pretend it's not going to be Defensive Line, the place they need the most help.

National Media went nuts:

No I should call you a cab, you shouldn't drive in this condition.

Someone make DJ eat this tweet.

Go back Wentz you came.

Now we're talkin'.

He gets it, though I'd add another name to that list.

The Chargers need help on the Offensive Line but it is not at Tackle. I will not deny Laremy Tunsil's skillset and his ceiling. Tunsil is a Day 1 starter and a Franchise Left Tackle, which is a phrase that is way overused but this time actually applies. In fact, if anyone would raise the Tunsil flag it would be me but just not where the Chargers current roster stands and the position they're in as a franchise.