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San Diego Chargers waive QB Brad Sorensen

The San Diego Chargers waived QB Brad Sorensen due to a non-football injury.

San Diego Chargers QB Brad Sorensen Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers have a starting QB that never gets injured enough to miss any action and a backup QB that is overpaid and not very good.

Today, they decided that they didn't need a third-string QB.

Bye, bye, Brad Sorensen. Outside of some up-and-down performances over the last few preseasons, we hardly knew ye.

The "non-football injury designation" on this waiving is somewhat worrisome. I hope that means he hurt his leg playing basketball with his buddies and not that he has cancer or something. That would be terrible.

I guess this opens the team up to draft someone late in the 2016 NFL Draft to be the practice squad QB (and/or backup plan if Kellen Clemens gets hurt in Training Camp), or possibly sign another undrafted free agent, but it likely won't be anyone to get too excited about.

Brad Sorensen, a former 7th round draft pick, is 28 years old and has never appeared in a regular-season NFL game. We liked him, though, and we wish him the best.