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BFTB Live Video Draft Show

Come watch the draft live from your computer with some writers from Bolts from the Blue.

David Ryder/Getty Images

We've decided do something fun and exciting this year for the NFL Draft. A few staff members are going to get together (on video) and watch the Draft which will be broadcasted live on Bolts from the Blue. You can simultaneously watch/listen to the draft as its happening and see/hear how the guys react as the Chargers make their selections. The mood will be loose and there will most certainly be drinking. We will definitely broadcast live for the 1st Round of the draft, probably be there for Rounds 2-3 and might, depending on how it goes, just stick it out for all 7 Rounds. During the days of the draft, we will go live a half hour or so before the draft begins each day we do it.

Draft Preview:

Starting Friday, April 22nd at 6pm PST, we will get together and do a draft preview leading you into the days to come, and now, the Squad:

John Gennaro:

Current Managing Editor of Bolts from the Blue/Man of a 1,000 Podcasts.

Kyle Posey:

Writer/Kanye's Campaign Manager (Yeezy 2020).

Jerome Watson:

Writer/Coach/Currently being put on a diss track by Melvin Ingram aka "YPC Mel."

Garrett Sisti:

Writer/Host of the Lightning Round Podcast/Tweet-Eater.

Matthew Stanley:

Writer/Vet/House Stark/Resident Expert on Fullbacks.

Daniel Stebbins:

Writer/Once ate at the same restaurant as Tyler, The Creator.

More details to follow but something to look forward to during this coming NFL Draft. Whether the Chargers draft guys we agree with or don't agree with, it'll be somewhere between entertaining and a trainwreck but either way it'll be amusing.