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Want to be in charge of Bolts from the Blue?

Now is your chance to take the lead at the biggest unofficial San Diego Chargers blog and community on the internet!

Cubans Face New Reality As Ties With U.S. Renewed After Years Under Strict Embargo Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In case you were busy and missed the news, I'm stepping down as the Manager here at BFTB. I'll still be around as an occasional shit-stirrer, but someone else will be steering the ship.

Who will that person be? I have no idea. Quite honestly, it's not up to me. That means that it could be you!

if you're interested in running things around here, I encourage you to visit the job posting for my old job and apply.

As for my own two cents, if you're asking for them, I would encourage any die-hard San Diego Chargers fan with lots of free-time to apply. It's a very rewarding position (perhaps not monetarily, but in other ways!), especially during the season, and it definitely helped me break into the world of sports radio.

It had always been my life-long dream to somehow get a job in the sport media, but I had no idea how to get in. BFTB helped me get there, and maybe it could help you too!