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San Diego Chargers sign defensive tackle Brandon Mebane

The San Diego Chargers make a large addition to their defensive front by picking up veteran free agent DT Brandon Mebane.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Travis Benjamin was just the beginning of the Chargers' plans for acquiring talent this free agency period. The Chargers have announced that they have agreed to terms with DT Brandon Mebane on a three-year deal though the money on the deal is not yet available.

Brandon Mebane (31) has been in the league for nine years, spending all of them with the Seattle Seahawks. Over that period he has amassed 125 starts at the DT position. He began his career in the NFL as a third-round selection for the Seahawks in the 2007 NFL draft. In 2014, he played 587 snaps per Pro Football Focus, more than any SD defensive lineman other than Kendall Reyes.

Here is a quote from his former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn:

"One of the things he has for being a big guy is his balance. So when you get two guys on you, a lot of times somebody can push on you on your hip and you get movement and you can be on the ground. So that’s one of the things that’s so remarkable for a 330-pound guy, that he’s not on the ground and he has great leverage.

"He’s built that way, but he uses it to his advantage. For his size, the thing that we always admire about him, we rarely see him on the ground. It’s the leverage that he plays with that he can get underneath the blocker."

I'm sure, given the Chargers' recent luck with injuries, everyone will be curious about his injury history.  His 2014 campaign ended in November with a hamstring injury. Here's hoping he can continue his solid contributions from the 2015 year and help fix the Chargers' defensive front.