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San Diego Chargers 2016 Mock Draft: Best Player Available

In this week's Mock Draft, Kyle Posey goes for the best player available for every San Diego Chargers pick...but he starts off with a trade.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the 1st mock draft I added beef up front. Last week we added the best player. This draft I'm looking at my board and strictly going best player available. Everyone wants to go best player available until it's not a position of need. Let's see how it works out this time. I was proposed a trade, I took a gamble, and lost. Kind of.

Round 1, pick 7, Shaq Lawson, Edge rusher Clemson

I was sitting there at 3 with both Ramsey and Buckner on the board. Chip Kelly gave me a 2nd and I rolled the dice that 1 of the 2 would be available 4 picks later. I rolled snake eyes.

I'm not too mad. Shaq Lawson is a hell of a player that reminds me of a diet version of Terrell Suggs. He's probably the smartest player I've watched when it comes to playing assignment football. He's also incredibly powerful and very good with his hands. He played inside at Clemson more than people talk about and it's speaks to his versatility.

This may spell the end of Melvin Ingram or at least give me more flexibility. Either way, Lawson is my new edge setting linebacker ala Jarret Johnson and when I go to my 2-4-5 look I have toys to play with. Lawson is 6'4 270 pounds but moves very easily. Has played in a 2 point stance, dropped in coverage, basically everything asked of a 3-4 OLB and looked comfortable. If his shoulder checks out this is the 1 pick I would be happy with if I miss out on the other 2. He has stud potential.

Round 2, pick 35, Keanu Neal, S, Florida

Neal is a better coverage safety than people give him credit for. Not a great man cover safety but can play the deep zone and can cover some ground. I'm taking him here because of hits like these.

He will knock your noggin off and make you think twice about coming over the middle. At 6" and 211 pounds he jumped 38 inches in the vertical and ran 4.59 at his pro day. Neal is a playmaker that will instantly improve the Chargers run defense and attitude.

Round 2, pick 37, Mike Thomas, WR, Ohio State

OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DON'T NEED A WR!!! Again, everyone wants best player available, until it's not a position of need. There is no way I would pass up on Thomas in the 2nd round. The team has also met with him extensively this offseason.

He is my favorite receiver in the class. He is such a good route runner and wins in numerous ways. He is more explosive than given credit for and makes Stevie Johnson expendable next year.

I'm getting a top 20 player at pick 35, this is a no brainer for me.

Round 3, pick 66, Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

I imagine he's here after running a 4.7 40 and other slow times at his combine. That's fine by me. He's a playmaker.

He also improved those times today.

Doubling down on safeties and now I have guys that can cover in Thompson and knock your head off in Neal. This solidifies my secondary for years to come and I've already added a stud front 4 defender in Lawson.

Round 4, pick 102, Hasaan Ridgeway, DT, Texas

If you read the DT rankings yesterday then you know I'm a fan and getting him here based on what he can makes me feel great.

Round 5, pick 175, Max Tuerk, C, USC

It's too bad he had a season ending injury in October because Tuerk is a player. Centers aren't supposed to move as easy as he does.

Tuerk isn't perfect by any means. He's not as strong as you would like at the point of attack, and at his size he doesn't have the mass to compensate. He does have the arm length to lock out against defenders in pass protection, though. He was my favorite center to watch and I think he can be a starter in this league.

Round 6, pick 179, Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

Suprised to see him still on the board here. I can see Adams being much better in the NFL when with better QB play. I don't know that he does anything to wow you but he's "fine" at everything. He can run, catch the ball away from his body, and separate. That's a good start.

Ideal number 2 tight end.

Round 6, pick 198, B.J. Goodson, LB, Clemson

The Chargers love linebackers who run 4.8 40's and this is just a depth pick at this point but he should be able to help out on special teams.

Round 7, pick 224, Joe Thuney, OT/OG, North Carolina State

He didn't look out of depth against my 1st round draft pick. He can be my swing tackle/guard. Thuney plays with a good bit of nastiness that you have to have at the position.

Here is the link of the full draft. I wanted to change it up with names that I haven't used before, so that's why I passed on some guys I probably would've taken. I also probably could've gotten a late round pick in addition to the 2nd rounder. I'm not sure I would want to trade down in this draft considering the lack of blue chip players. Would you?