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San Diego Chargers unveil Citizens' Initiative for downtown NFL stadium

The San Diego Chargers have finally, officially announced their financing plan for a downtown stadium project that could be used as the team's new home stadium.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, and after weeks of waiting I wouldn't be surprised if some of you did, the San Diego Chargers finally released their citizens' initiative to the public this morning.

Here is an explainer video on their site from Fred Maas, along with a few paragraphs of introduction (which includes the actual number of signatures the team needs to get: 66,447).

Here is the entire citizens' initiative if you enjoy reading over 100 pages of legalese, and here is a FAQ if you don't.

I discussed the details of this plan with Ben Higgins this morning, and we both agreed that the Chargers have submitted a very conservative plan and timeline, and it has a good chance of passing since it is not asking for any money from the taxpayers that will be voting on it.

All in all, unless the law changes and forces the team to get a super-majority victory in November, this seems like a plan that could pass and the Chargers can get started building their new stadium in downtown San Diego.