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San Diego Chargers stadium plan won't be announced today

There are reports that the San Diego Chargers are REALLY CLOSE to announcing the details of their citizen's initiative to pay for a downtown NFL stadium and convention center expansion.

San Diego Chargers downtown NFL stadium

The San Diego Chargers are putting together a Citizen's Initiative plan to help finance an NFL stadium and noncontiguous Convention Center expansion in the East Village area of downtown San Diego.

They had previously said their deadline for getting this plan out to the public was March 23rd, but.....

*Checks calendar*

It's March 28th! That seems late.

Will the Chargers reveal their plan today? Maybe! Maybe not! It might rely entirely on whether or not the Mayor gets service in whatever foreign country he's in.

Things are not yet firm, apparently. Perhaps Mayor Kevin Faulconer is the one needed to firm them up. Perhaps he's the only man who knows how to cross a T or dot an I.

Either way, the world waits with bated breath to see the renderings the team has made of a new downtown NFL stadium next to Petco Park. Because, at this point, it seems that we have a really good idea of how the team is planning on paying for it and getting the ballot voted through with a simple majority.

4:06PM UPDATE: Sorry, not today.