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A new kind of (San Diego) sports radio show

Check out John Gennaro's new daily San Diego sports podcast, Generally Speaking!

Allow me a moment to do some self-promotion (or just close this article and move on with your day).

I enjoy talking. I enjoy conversation, and I enjoy one-way rants where I talk into a microphone. I would like to, one day, be able to make a living from talking into a microphone, but that's more of a dream than anything I'm actually counting on.

That being said, I work at a radio station and they've allowed me to essentially build my own podcast network. In addition to doing a Chargers podcast with Ben Higgins, a Padres podcast with Craig Elsten, and an NBA podcast with John Browner, I've decided to start yet another podcast! However, this one is a little different...

I'm not calling in Gennaroly Speaking anymore, so it's just called Generally Speaking. Instead of a one-topic, weekly podcast, like all the rest of them, my goal is to do a short podcast hitting on as many topics as I feel like every single morning. There will often, but not always, be some San Diego Chargers discussion.

In reality, this is in response to that 9am-12pm void in the day when one (or both) of the San Diego sports talk radio stations are playing national shows that rarely talk about San Diego sports. I hate that void, I know others do too, so I'm doing what I can to try and fix it.

If you would give one of these podcast episodes a shot, I would appreciate it. If you like it, subscribe to it! If you're an iTunes users, please rate and review it so that it moves up the charts and builds a larger audience. It would really mean the world to me.

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Thank you!