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Squadcast/Lightning Round Podcast Crossover

Much like the Traveling Wilburys or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young these two Podcasters John Gennaro and Garrett SIsti combine to create a supergroup, or rather a superduo for this crossover Podcast .

One half of each of the two Chargers Podcast juggernauts, John Gennaro from the Squadcast and Garrett Sisti from the Lightning Round Podcast, join forces for this crossover Podcast. The two worlds collide to discuss Laremy Tunsil at pick #3, what RG3 means for the Browns at the pick before and also a brief discussion on the location of the stadium. They riff on why the name "Convadium" sucks, try to avoid talks on gay and race relations, reminisce on the best crossovers in TV history and also how they became Chargers fans. They both will return next week to their own shows but for now enjoy the conversation.


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