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San Diego Chargers Mock Draft, Take 2

What if the San Diego Chargers drafted only based on upside and potential alone? This might be the draft class that would fit them best.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's mock turned out pretty well. Let's mix it up this week.

Round 1, Pick 3: Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State

We know how I feel about this alpha male who just so happens to be the best player in the draft. Please God give me something to be happy about in 2016 I promise I'll never download another song illegally or pirate another movie online if you do this for me.

Round 2, Pick 35: Chris Jones, DL, Mississippi St

This is where I'm rolling the dice. If you're reading this I imagine you'll want to read the piece on Jones that was published earlier. In this draft, I am all for the high upside picks. So far I'm 2 for 2 but both players floors are upgrades to what is currently on the roster.

Round 3, Pick 66: Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame

He is not his brother. His brother has been basically an all-pro his first 2 seasons. This version of Martin is still quite good. He's a physical guy that plays to the whistle. That's what you want. He's also smart and you can see him playing with his head on a swivel and his ability to pick up different stunts. He's going to be a starter day 1. He just "gets it."

That's him driving another top prospect into the ground twice. Getting Martin in the 3rd would be a big win for the Chargers. Mentioning how he understands his assignment, here is a good example. He secures the first level then cuts off pursuit from the backside linebacker. This is subtle but beautiful.

Round 4, Pick 103: Matt Ioannidis, DL, Temple

Doubling down on defensive lineman I get a powerful run stopper. Temple had some players on that defense and it started up front with Ioannidis. He's not flashy by any means but he's going to do his job and keep the guys behind him clean. That's what I want and at this point, it's a win. This makes the Jones pick in round 2 even better.

Round 5, Pick 176: Beau Sandland, TE, Montana State

The former Miami Hurricane recruit is a ridiculous athlete that after watching a couple plays you wonder why he's not being talked about more. He can run away from guys and gives you the 2nd tight end you're looking for. It's hard to find extensive video from Montana State but he's fun and since I'm drafting for upside I've seen just enough from Sandland where I'm cool with taking him here.

Round 6, pick 180, Demarcus Robinson, WR, Florida

A Gator that's a trouble maker, color me shocked. He's a guy that can make highlight after highlight catch and can get downfield. This pick pushes Inman for the 4th WR.

Round 6, Pick 199, Joe Dahl, OT, Washington St

I'm just building depth for the inevitable injuries up front. Some think Dahl will kick inside. I'm leaving him at tackle. He is a very good pass protector and if he every develops into anything more than that with a 6th round pick, you take it.

Round 7, Pick 225, Deon Bush, S, Miami

What a disappointing year this guy had. Did not look good in coverage. Missed too many tackles. But my goodness can he lay the boom. I had high hopes for him but after watching him he's a day 3 pick. He's pushing Addae for a roster spot. He's a bigger version of him, though his ceiling is much much higher because once upon a time he was productive.

This is the link to the entire mock. Tell me where I went wrong and who you would've taken instead and how you hate me. Please.