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The Lightning Round Podcast, Episode 59: Free Agency Recap

What's New Pussycat? Some exciting new Free Agency signings, that's what. It's not unusual to get worked up about new players, so the guys talk about what their favorite moves have been thus far in this Free Agency Recap.

The Chargers made a lot of moves since the last Lightning Round Podcast and Garrett and Jamie are covering them all. They talk about the roster cuts of "the Donalds," Kavell Conner and Chi Chi Ariguzo which set-up some extra money and a few openings in the Chargers line-up. The discussion continues with the opening of Free agency and the guys that got new deals, outside acquisitions, contract restructures and of course the departures of some former players. While they had planned on talking about rookie Wide Receivers, the Chargers had other plans by adding two to the roster and making the position less of a need. No fear, the hours of watching tape that resulted in Jamie crashing his computer and Garrett having to cram 12 prospects in 2 days is not in vein; they give you a 1 minute rundown of their Top 5 Wide Receiver rookie rankings.


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