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Chargers Appoint Fred Maas as Special Advisor to Stadium Initiative Project

There is a new point person involved in the Chargers efforts to get a new NFL stadium built in San Diego.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The pivot is on!

Here's the statement from the San Diego Chargers:

The Chargers today announced the appointment of Fred Maas as Special Advisor to Chargers’ Chairman Dean Spanos. Mr. Maas, the former Chairman of San Diego’s Centre City Development Corporation, will advise Spanos and the Chargers on the Citizen’s Initiative process, including the exploration of possible stadium financing plans that would be publicly acceptable, the drafting of the initiative document, and the creation of the campaign infrastructure necessary to give the Citizens’ Initiative the best possible chance of success. Mr. Maas will be working closely with an established team of legal, financial and land use advisors.

Mark Fabiani is not mentioned in this statement, but it is interesting that someone else is being brought in with a similar role and title to his.

Maas is very involved in development in and around San Diego, and will apparently be integral in Dean Spanos' attempt to draft and pass a Citizen's Initiative for a new Chargers stadium.

Getting someone local is a bit different than bringing in Mark Fabiani, that's for sure. Expect to see and hear a lot of Fred Maas over the next few months, and for him to put a friendlier face on the team than what we've seem in recent years.