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Why I'm rooting for Cam Newton

Today is the day! Super Bowl 50 is finally here. The 2015-16 NFL season has one game left, for all of the marbles, and Peyton Manning's legacy is on the line.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Fun Fact: This year's Super Bowl has eschewed the typical roman numerals because the NFL didn't want anyone referring to it as "Super Bowl L". Next year, they'll go back to the roman numerals, and it will be Super Bowl LI from Houston, Texas.

I should probably be rooting for the Denver Broncos. A win by them does a couple of things for the San Diego Chargers.

For one, it shows the strength of the AFC West, and makes that 4-12 record (and the 0-6 record against the division) look slightly less terrible.

Secondly, it definitely leads to Peyton Manning retiring, which could potentially lead to a couple of years of instability in Denver.

On top of that, I'm a fan of people being held in the correct regard. The notion that "Peyton Manning can't win the big one" is pretty stupid, if you ask me, and a second Super Bowl win would likely put that argument six feet underground. A second Super Bowl puts Peyton Manning in his rightful place among the league's best QBs of all-time.

That being said, I am definitely rooting for the Carolina Panthers.

Why? Because the Carolina Panthers are arrogant, they're fun, and they're led by a QB that doesn't know the definition of "Coach Speak" and never pretends to be something that he isn't.

America is terrified of Cam Newton, and they should be. He might end up being the greatest NFL player who has ever played. He certainly showed that type of potential this season, going 15-1 and dominating his way through the NFL Playoffs without any real receivers to throw to.

I like the idea of someone being "A legend in their own time." It's nearly impossible to do. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have done it, and we thought that was the pinnacle.

Then we met Cam.

Dab on 'em, Cam. Dab on 'em.