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We need some real answers from Dean Spanos

Dean Spanos has finally made a media appearance. This is good, but we need more.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dean Spanos has been basically non existent while this stadium situation has been unfolding over the last year or so. Mark Fabiani has been the public face of the team's push to move and this honestly feels like the only contingency type move the team made before Carson didn't happen. If Mark is the one making all the direct statements about moving, the casual observer more easily directs their anger at the person actually saying the words.

Now Dean needs the people of San Diego and has come out from behind the curtain. He had his first interview on local TV last night and was given some soft toss questions that had apparently been filtered through Fabiani. That isn't good enough.

I know that he is trying to build up public opinion of himself and his team, but the public needs more. If he is going to be asking the people of San Diego to give him hundreds of millions of dollars, he needs to give honest answers to some substantiative questions.

To help us with that, we have Scott Lewis of the Voice of San Diego.

There is already tons of doubt that any public money will not pass a vote, and there will be a vote, so if Dean truly does want to stay, he really needs to step up his hearts and minds campaign, and reporters need to stop being scared. He can't afford to cut off everyone.