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Manti Te'o had a good idea regarding the San Diego Chargers uniforms

No, the San Diego Chargers young LB doesn't want the team to go back to the powder blues. He has an idea that may actually be doable this season and appears to look great.

It's not often that you head an NFL player talk about their uniform. The game has become such a business that sometimes it is easy to forget that how these players look is actually important, to the fans and the players.

If you've heard any complaint about the San Diego Chargers uniforms over the years, it is that the team refuses to go back to the old-school powder blue uniforms that they wore for the first 19 years of existence. Everyone loves the powder blues, including the players, but the owners of the team regard them as an "alternate" uniform only.

Now, via Manti Te'o, we have a potential uniform solution that I believe the fans can get behind that has nothing to do with the uniforms that shall not be named in front of ownership.

All navy blues, jersey and pants, for home games and all white for the away games? I love it! Also, I feel like if enough fans push the team to make these uniform decisions (not changes, just decisions!), they may actually give it a shot.

Let us know what you think of Manti's suggestion in the comments below.