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Chargers Add Former Patriots OL Coach Dave DeGuglielmo

You know the guy that got fired the day after Tom Brady took a bunch of hits from the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game? He works for the San Diego Chargers now.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Some San Diego Chargers fans, your author included, were bummed to hear that Offensive Line Coach Joe D'Alessandris was let go by the team after the 2015 NFL season.

Yes, I know the offensive line was bad, and I know that there were a ton of injuries on the offensive line, but I don't think Coach D was the cause of either of those problems. Just my opinion.

Well, now the Chargers have replaced him with two offensive line coaches. In addition to Jeff Davidson, who the Chargers signed a couple weeks back after he was let go by the Minnesota Vikings, the Chargers have now also added Dave DeGuglielmo, who fits the void left by Coach D of a coach with a hard to say-and-spell last name.

The new Coach D was well respected around the league over the last two seasons, and would likely still have a job if the Patriots had played anyone but the Denver Broncos and their horrifying pass rush a week and a half ago. He'll get the title of "Assistant Offensive Line Coach", but I imagine he'll work hand-in-hand with Davidson to shore up the weakest part of the Chargers roster.