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Eric Weddle shaves beard, sets social media ablaze

Eric Weddle is having fun on Twitter, and making San Diego Chargers fans wish there was a way for the team to re-sign their Pro Bowl safety.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Weddle is fun, in that he's one of the few players around the league that isn't afraid to go away from "coach speak".

Weddle is smart, he's opinionated, and he knows how to connect to his fans. Part of that has been through his beard, which does a good job of making him look like a "working-class guy" and also makes fans laugh with the @Weddlesbeard twitter account, which will regularly tweet in the first person as Eric's beard.

On Monday night, the beard died a quick death....

As someone who has had a beard for a good, long time, I feel like I can provide some insight on what Eric is going through right now.

His face is cold.

He's sleeping more comfortably on his pillow at night.

He's wondering, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

And then, one day soon, he'll catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror and think, "I need to grow my beard back."

It's not Weddle's fault, really. Beards have a mind of their own....