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Squadcast: San Diego is Mike McCoy

Ben Higgins and John Gennaro are back, somewhat surprisingly, to talk about the offseason and the upcoming year of politics that awaits San Diego Chargers fans.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I have to be honest. I had no idea if Ben Higgins and I would ever do another episode of the Squadcast ever again.

If the San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles, I wasn't (and still am not) entirely sure what that meant for me as far as running this blog. Hell, I'm not sure what it meant for me as a Chargers fan. I do know that it would've changed how I deal with and cover the Chargers with my real job, and the same can be said for Ben.

However, with the announcement that the San Diego Chargers will remain the San Diego Chargers for at least one more season, the Squadcast is back and in full effect! We're even on iTunes now!

Click here to listen to this week's Squadcast episode, during which Ben and I talk about how San Diego can keep the Chargers (Ben even has a plan!), which pending free agents the team should or should not re-sign, and who we think will win the Super Bowl.

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