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Chargers won't exercise franchise tag in 2016 (Bye, Eric Weddle!)

The San Diego Chargers have decided not to exercise their franchise tag this offseason, which means this is the end of Eric Weddle's time with the team.

"He's kind of the quarterback on the defensive side." - Keenan Allen

You can not overstate how valuable Eric Weddle has been to the San Diego Chargers over the last few years. Year in and year out, he has played at an All-Pro level while becoming a big fan favorite.

Today, it all comes to an end that everyone saw coming a mile away...

I went over this on Tuesday. There is no reason for the team to not use their franchise or transition tag on their top free agent every single season.

However, the Chargers are done with Weddle, and he's done with them. It's sad to see the front office be driven by petty arguments with their players and those players' agents, but it's not surprising.