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The Lightning Round Podcast, Episode 57: Draft Show: Cornerbacks & Safeties

There are some empty spots on the Chargers roster at the Safety positions, well luckily the guys like a lot of Safeties in this years draft.

It's time for some more draft profiles and on this show and Garrett and Jamie are covering Cornerbacks and Safeties. If you need another reason to listen to this week's Lightning Round Podcast, they put together another bit before the intro plus they are giving away a free Chargers inspired shirt on the show and give you a chance to win it. Hooray for free stuff! The guys argue about Florida State CB/S Jalen Ramsey who has been mocked to go the Chargers at the #3 pick. They cover the DBs in this year's draft, give some of their sleepers and answer a whole lot more draft questions on this installment of the Podcast.


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